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"Harsh Truth" on Drake's Views From The 6

Drake says there's some harsh truth on the new album, but at least its the full truth. In an interview with Beats 1, he said: ďIím a very honest person. I canít write fiction. I canít really do these sort of like themed story songs that are just a story about someone else I made up, it all has to directly do with me or I canít make the music.Ē ďThereís some harsh truth on this album, but at least itís truth. People have to respect that, right?Ē Source:
Selena Gomez Takes On The Stage

Selena Gomez says she wants to tone down the dance routines during concerts so that she can highlight her vocal ability. "I have never cared about a tour as much as I care about this one. I've never worked as hard." In an interview with US Weekly, she revealed that the rehearsals have included less choreography than usual, in an attempt to get people to solely focus on her songs, appreciating her a vocalist, more than a performer. Sources: 3/25/2016
Crazed Chris Brown Fan Get Arrested

An insanely crazed Chris Brown fan has been arrested his due to trespassing Browns' California property for the second time in five months. The trespasser, Patti, had waited at the front gate until it was opened for another visitor, and then allegedly made her move to creep onto the grounds. Brown is to file for a temporary restraining order against the Patti, who previously made the very same attempt in December 2015. Sources:


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