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Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding - Outside

Calvin Harris is continuing is steady rollout of music from his new album Motion, and today (Oct. 20), the "Summer" DJ released his latest collaboration with spacey British pop star Ellie Goulding, the happy new single "Outside."

The song itself is a light blend, and fans of Harris' brand of EDM pop music will likely find comfort in this starry break up anthem. There's something that works so well about Harris' string effect synth beats and Goulding's whispered ethereal voice. We've heard it before in "I Need Your Love" and it's back here again in full force for yet another magical combination.

"Outside" begins with a twinkle of synthetic beats that set the stage for the dramatic yet hopeful pop track. Though the music twinkles enough on its own, Goulding's voice really is what completes the contemplative track.

"Look at what you've done / Stand still, falling away from me / When it takes so long / Fire's out what do you want to be / Not I'm holding on / Myself was never enough for me," Goulding sings at the beginning of the song before finding inner strength later.

Though the initial parts of the song are soft, the dance track soon explodes into a layered work of dance pop, adding to the song's sense of confidence.

"Outside" is the fifth released single from Harris' new album Motion and follows the release and promotion of "Under Control," "Summer," "Blame" and "Slow Acid." Motion will be released on Nov. 4 in the United States.

He is now arguably one of the most sought after DJ's ever and celebrated worldwide huge success. Now Avicii announces the first single from his highly anticipated second album "Stories". "The Days" was released on October 03, the release of the album will follow in 2015. "The Days" is another masterpiece of this very talent artist. His music constantly develop without losing its unique handwriting and once again clearly stands out. With "The Days", it provides a single that will continue the legacy of his the phenomenal success of his debut album "True", which has sold now over 5 million copies worldwide, build. To top it all the vocals are delivered of none other than Robbie Williams.
David Guetta Ft Sam Martin - Dangerous

An ominous ostinato piano pattern, like some classically styled horror-movie theme, begins this track from David Guetta's Listen album, out Nov. 21. The French DJ develops the motif with strings, then synthesizers, finally transforming the piece with a disco-fied house groove.

Meanwhile, Sam Martin, also Guetta's featured vocalist on the international dance hit Lovers On the Sun, sings of a midnight run toward the lights of the city with a wild and unpredictable lover, their unknown destination made all the more enticing by its promise of strange secrets.

Ella Henderson not only proved that finishing sixth on The X Factor could still lead to a number one single, but that you could do so with one of the biggest-selling tracks of the year, and on an international scale too. Trouble is, when you have a debut single as magnificent as 'Ghost', how do you even attempt to match that success? It was a problem her fellow X Factor belles Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke faced with varying outcomes. As ever, it's the second single that's the true test of a star's staying power.

However, in the case of Ella Henderson, her identity as an artist post-X Factor has been given time to develop, and new single 'Glow' serves to reinforce her rising status as Britain's latest powerhouse vocal. "We are brighter, we are brighter/ Let's show them how we light up tonight," the 19-year-old calls out over strident beats and twilight synths, before gliding into a stadium-sized "oh oh oh" refrain. It's a solid follow-up that will keep Ella's flame burning bright rather than burning out - and we have niggling suspicion that the best is still yet to come.


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