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Clean Bandit - Real Love

The British electronic group Clean Bandit is back with another single from their album, New Eyes,called, “Real Love.” Their hit single, “Rather Be,” topped the summer charts and marked them as artists to watch. “Real Love” is their third single since “Rather Be,” which peaked at #1 on the UK charts and #10 in the US.

Clean Bandit’s music is a fusion of many genres, including electronic, pop, classical, funk, and dance. The infusion of classical elements acts as an interesting counter to the heavy bass and vocals in their songs. Not many electronic groups include members that can play the cello and violin; this helps them stand out in the sea of dance music being produced.
This single lives up to their standard of creating danceable, yet interesting songs. Like their single “Rather Be,” “Real Love” features singer Jess Glynne; marking the second collaboration that the group has done with Glynne.
“Real Love” opens with the rich sound of the cello, bass, and piano. The electric elements and vocals trickle in afterwards and build the momentum of the song. Jess Glynne’s powerful vocals really grounded the instrumentals throughout the song. The fusion element is heavy in “Real Love.” It’s funky, fun, and inspiring all at once. Listening to this song is effortless and enjoyable.

The majority of the song consists of Glynne repeatedly belting out “this is real, real, real, real love.” As the title suggests, the song lyrics revolve around the narrative of how an individual feels about their love.
The simplistic lyrics are meant to inspire the listener to picture their own relationship; which is further demonstrated by the parade of blissful couples featured in the music video. While the lyrics weren’t repetitive to the point of being annoying, the effort to make the lyrics universal straddled the line of being boring.
Overall, it was a decent single, but it isn’t unique enough to make the same impact that “Rather Be” did on the charts. It was expected. The execution of the song was solid but it didn’t give us anything new; instead, it rode on the coattails of their previous work. “Real Love” certainly makes you want to get up and move, but it isn’t remarkable enough to be a hit.
Lil Wayne - Start a Fire

Back in October, Wayne shared "Gotti," his first single from the album, featuring veteran hip hop outfit The Lox. At the 2014 American Music Awards, Weezy gave us another surprise, premiering "Start a Fire," which features Christina Milian.
The track begins with a somber, muted guitar riff. It doesn't seem to grow in volume until Wayne steps in, introducing the song with "Mama, I'm in love with a hot girl / And they just don't get it." That lays the foundation for the rest of the song, Weezy defending his lustful lover and outlining their hot and heavy relationship
Christina Milian sings the chorus, "Let's start a fire / You be my lighter / Baby I'll be your gasoline," and "Let's start a fire / Watch the entire / World as it opens up in flames." It's the perfect tune for those into fiery and flirty love anthems but prefer Kanye to Taylor.
Madonna - Living For Love

When listening to Madonna sing a line like "Took me to heaven, let me fall down/Now that it's over, I'm gonna carry on" on new single "Living For Love," it's hard not to think of the disappointment the pop queen felt earlier this week, when her thirteenth album leaked online in demo form before it was even officially announced. Fortunately for fans, that initial shock is over, and Madge is carrying on with an album release -- "Living For Love" previews Rebel Heart, now due out in March, and hints at the defiant pose that the follow-up to 2012's MDNA may strike after a few overstuffed dance projects.

Unlike Madonna's previous two lead singles, the pre-EDM banger "4 Minutes" and the cheerleader pep talk "Give Me All Your Luvin'," "Living For Love" leaves its focus on its lyrics, with the singer beginning over a regal piano line that's eventually joined by pulsing percussion. The confidence Madonna displays on the track recalls singular classics like "Express Yourself" and "Like A Prayer," and when the song weaves its way toward a throbbing drop, Madonna continues crooning, refusing to be relegated to the background. "Living For Love" sounds like a giddy combination of Madonna's past and present, and represents an encouraging sign for a 2015 project that was unexpectedly thrown into jeopardy at the end of 2014.
Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars teamed up to release a new single "Uptown Funk," a true bass-heavy throwback that also just so happens to be one of the best tracks of the year.
"Uptown Funk" marries the worlds of '70s funk with modern pop music, pulling the track into 2014 with ease. From the very first moments, when backup singers rush in with baritone bumps, it's clear that "Uptown Funk" is fire. Hand claps and a high guitar riff set the stage for the modern funky tune before Ronson and Mars kick in with the lyrics.
"This here that ice cold / Michelle Pfeiffer / That white gold / This one's for the, hood girls, them good girls / Straight masterpieces," the two duet on, bringing sass and pure, unadulterated funk into the mix with half spoken, half sung vocal styles.
The lyrics aren't particularly deep, with the largest focus being on just how hot Mars and Ronson are and how "uptown funk gon' give it to ya." But it's a dance track, and this song succeeds on pulling you to the dancefloor, even if it's just mentally.
Mars truly sells his vocals, though his aptitude with funk was well seen on his last album 2012's Unorthodox Jukebox, with tracks like "Treasure." He grits his way through "Uptown Jukebox," injecting plenty of attitude and charisma all throughout the track.


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