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Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me

Jason Derulo is moving on from his R&B fueled album Talk Dirty by channeling some sunny, '80s-friendly pop. After dominating 2014 with his singles "Talk Dirty" and "Wiggle," Derulo returned with an infectious, falsetto-starring new single "Want to Want Me."

The peppy single is a major departure for Derulo, who usually injects sizzling R&B into his music. Instead, the lead instrument backing up his vocals is synth, with the strong hits of the keys glistening alongside him. With a riff worthy of Maroon 5 or any other pop rock act, "Want to Want Me" finds Derulo away from the clubs as he tries to get up right next to you.
"Girl, you know what I want to want me / And if you want, now, girl you got me / There's nothing I wouldn't do / Just to get up next to you," he sings in the chorus before backing himself with a round of "Oohs."
The departure may be shocking for fans of Derulo, and if it weren't for that signature whisper of his name at the top of the track, many may not even know it was him in this song to begin with. But, it works. It works so much better than any sort of sleezy club anthem from his last album.
Carly Rae Jepsen I Really Like You

The Canadian singer-songwriter released her second studio album, the "Maybe"-spawning Kiss, in 2012. Though she followed up the track with several additional singles – including "This Kiss" and the Owl City collaboration "Good Time" – none arrived with the same impact as her first worldwide smash.
But Jepsen's manager, Scooter Braun, believes that lightning will strike twice with "I Really Like You," which was co-written and produced by pop hitmaker Peter Svensson. "I told her that she couldn't come out with anything unless it was on the level of 'Call Me Maybe,'" he told Billboard in January. "And, now we have a new one that is on that level."
Jepsen hasn't set a firm release date for her upcoming third LP, which is tentatively due out this summer. Though it's unclear which all-star collaborations will make the final tracklist, the singer has posted Instagram photos of studio sessions with artists like Tegan and Sara, Jack Antonoff,Dev Hynes and Ariel Rechtshaid.
Besides working on that long-awaited follow-up, Jepsen has stayed busy as agay rights activist and performing as the iconic title character in a 2014 Broadway production of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella.
Florence & The Machine What Kind Of Man

Florence and the Machine recently released the new single, “What Kind of Man,” from their upcoming album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. In the true spirit of Florence, the song begins with haunting, layered voices. The ethereal sound is compounded by the heavy, synthesized chords.
Florence speaks slowly, telling of how she is separated from a man who seems to be indecisive about his choices in life. But by some force, she is pulled to him; their paths cross and they kiss. But this kiss is not an ordinary one as it is passionate enough to “inspire a fire of devotion/that lasts for twenty years.” In these lyrics there is a stress that builds in Florence’s voice as she begins to question the emotion that the kiss has brought upon her.
Experiencing this sensation creates a drama in the song which is reflected by the sudden change in the tempo and musicality. The slow, strung out sound is replaced by a steady beat grooved with the electric guitar, snare drum, and tambourine. Enhancing it further is the echoing singers in the background that has Florence written all over it.
Florence joins back in after a few measures to start really beating in the point on how this man draws her along, keeping her at “cruel angle(s).” She goes on to state that he’s never fully committed to the relationship; he’s always on threshold. Never quite in it and never quite out of it.
After the chorus with the addition of trumpets, the song evolves again as each instrument begins to blend creating a raucous sound. There is even a nod back to beginning flow of the song as she restates the inconceivable emotion that is found in his kiss.
From here she continues to explain the situation. Even though the relationship is damaging and this man is unattached, she can’t get away from it. Every time she tries, she is driven right back to him, “back against the wall.” The music continues to grow until the end, with every instrument and voice locking in, emphasizing the hysterical passion that she feels. Is it love or is it obsession?
This song echoes some of the characteristics of the previous Florence and the Machine album, Ceremonials, but brings a new edge with the brass and clear cut beat. The message of the lyrics can be found true in many relationships, whether it be a man or woman playing the part. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy relationship when only one person is trying. And even worse when it turns into a physical or emotional addiction to make it work.
This single is a great preview for what will be coming on the new album due out in June. Florence’s powerful voice is always one to hear and it will be interesting to experience the new creative sound the band and producers have generated.
Kanye West, Drake and Big Sean - Blessings

Big Sean is set to release his third album Dark Sky Paradise on February 24th, and following "I Don't Fuck with You," his biggest solo single to date, comes "Blessings" featuring Drake and an uncredited Kanye West. The Boi-1da and Vinylz-produced finds Big Sean rifling off the reasons he's blessed over an unsteady beat. "Blessings" marks the first time Drake and Kanye have adorned the same track since the all-star "Forever" with Eminem and Lil Wayne in 2009.
Given the recent spat between Lil Wayne and Cash Money, including allegations that the rapper has never received any royalties from Drake's music despite signing him to Young Money, Drake's opening lines may hold a deeper meaning. "Look, I ain't gonna say that we back or nothing," rhymes Drake. "'Cause that implies that we're back from something / And if it's back for something, it's some checks you owe us / I expect that payment, nothing less or over," Drake says. "I don't need them favors that you ask me for / I could give two fucks where the Grammys go / I just gave out Grammys on my Instagram."
While the initial version of "Blessings" arrived as a four-minute video, Big Sean later uploaded a five-minute version on his SoundCloud. That extra minute finds an uncredited West rhyming, "They trying to compromise my condom size / So I Snapchat that whole shit." West then lists all the reasons he's blessed: "Right now I'm calling you from my home gym / Right after that nigga I'm going to swim / Just did a couple laps in my home pool / And my daughter over there getting home-schooled / I'm blessed."
Big Sean was among the first artists to join West's then-nascent GOOD Music in 2007, two years after the Detroit-bred Sean slipped the Yeezusrapper his mixtape when West visited a local radio station. Although Big Sean previously released two albums – 2011's Finally Famous and 2013's Hall of Fame – his biggest claims to fame were a primo guest spot on Jay Z and Kanye's "Clique" and stepping out of the way for Kendrick Lamar's vicious verse on "Control."


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