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About NRJ
NRJ Group Europe:

NRJ is an international group with branches in 14 Countries. It is also the leading European radio network under a single brand: NRJ/ENERGY.

In only a few years, NRJ has set up an international network outside France that includes two national networks (Sweden and Finland) and is represented in the most important European capitals, including Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm and Vienna.
NRJ GROUP has also become the leading European radio Group in 9 European countries. This coverage ensures over 17 million listeners per week, who appreciate the fact that NRJ always deliver the energy implied by the name of NRJ/Energy, the unique “Hit Music Only” format and the visual image.
However, the success of the brands is essential due to trend-setting formats, popular music programming and links to outside events, such as the Hit Music Tour, NRJ in the Park and the NRJ Music Awards. The latter event was watched by 6.4 million viewers of the TF1 television channel in January, constituting 33.5% of the prime time audience.
Therefore, NRJ Group has 4 brands in France, whose formats are different but complementary: NRJ, Nostalgie, Chérie FM and Rire & Chansons. In addition, NRJ owns a TV station “NRJ12”, a mobile service “NRJ Mobile” and a school for DJ and Broadcasters “NRJ School”.
A permanent observatory of musical research to meet the tastes and wishes of listeners in terms of music and programmes.
A desire to come ever closer to its listeners through the development of local programming, a strong presence at events and international deployment.
A strategy based on keeping up to date. Internet sites are on line for the radio stations of NRJ GROUP.
NRJ Lebanon
NRJ is part of RML Group that was created in 1979 by Jyad (Jihad Gabriel Murr), who is the owner and General Manager. It was created along with the first private radio station in the Middle East RML, followed by Jabal Lubnan in 1981, RML Culture in 1986, Hit FM in 1987, Nostalgie in 1988 and 99FM in 2004.

NRJ Lebanon targets young audience, trendy and up to date in music, NRJ programs are mainly in English with major British presenters, except for few live shows from NRJ France and some interviews made by NRJ France for international artists.

NRJ Lebanon use state of the art technology; NRJ broadcasts and covers all Lebanon on two frequency, 99.1 and 98.8 FM. Our studios are one of a kind in the country, if not in the region; the same goes for our transmitters and links. Only one word to describe it all, we’ve said it before: State of the art technology, the best.

NRJ Music is different, for NRJ plays hits and only hits as you always hear in our jingles, NRJ HIT MUSIC ONLY. The Hits will be played all day long, and of course all night long too, ensuring that you won’t miss your favorite hit from was it R&B, Pop, Rock or Dance.

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Hit Music Only